10 Ways Digital Media Has Changed Women’s Lives


Do you believe that you can get whatever you want, for instance, discounted Prada bags at your doorstep? Well, yes. You can get almost anything these days. The world is at our doorstep with just a click away. Such is the power of technology and digitalization.

Digital media has transformed the lives of many in different ways, especially that of women. Here is to 10 different ways that have changed the lives of women across the world for the better.

  1. It enriches women and allows them to stay updated with the current happenings not just in the society that they live in but also from different parts of the world.
  2. It inspires women and motivates them to achieve a greater purpose in life. For some, digital media has helped find a new purpose to living.
  3. It has helped empower women in different ways. Digital media offers a great platform for women to learn new things from other women who are successful in their fields. It allows women to share their ideas and express their opinions, thereby empowering their simple thoughts without having them shunned.
  4. It has contributed much to the drastic reduction of girl child abortion in many third world countries and has contributed to free and accessible education for girls.
  5. It has helped certain underprivileged and exploited women to voice out their concerns and to seek help to improve their condition.
  6. It has helped women to connect to the people from different communities across the world. This has enabled them to share and gain information from like-minded people.
  7. It has helped women discover numerous career opportunities that were once limited. Now women can even work from the comforts of their home without having to compromise their time devoted to carrying out personal responsibilities.
  8. It has opened new possibilities for women to start their own business, which would not have been possible for many without the introduction of digital media.
  9. It has allowed women to stay in par with technology, which makes them better and sophisticated wives and mothers. This is very important for every woman if she wishes to remain an important figure in the lives of her children who think and grow on a completely different level.
  10. It has educated women on women rights and safety and has contributed much in creating public awareness against social issues, women protection rights, and human exploitation.