Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodbye Little Trailer

Trailer Sale

I suppose that all weird things should come to an end. The Joeyblog launched back on January 30, 2009, as a way to share my illustration work in a very low-key manor. The header featured an illustration of a trailer parked out in the middle of nowhere. The idea was that it was a silly way to show how I viewed my blog... just me in my trailer out in the middle of a field. A nice, quiet place to think and draw.

Now that I've finally built and organized my portfolio over on Cargo, this blog needs to support that site in a more streamlined, somewhat professional manor. It also needs to feature my new mascot, which I'll talk about more in a future post.

So, to give my little trailer a nice little send off, and to usher in a new look for my blog, you can put the little trailer on your desktop so you too can have a nice quiet place to dream!

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  1. you've got mad skills, mr. ellis. glad to see all my mentoring is paying off. nobody who's come after you has been able to make my tea the way you did...