Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a Trap!


Recently, my friend Louie Mantia hired me to create an illustration of Admiral Ackbar holding up an iPhone and proclaiming "THERE'S A TRAP FOR THAT!". A silly play on Ackbar's infamous line from Return of the Jedi (which is now a very famous meme) and the tag "There's an app for that!" from the iPhone commercials.

This particular illustration was to be done with colored pencil on black paper. One of the first steps to creating an illustration like this is to get a rough composition completed. I typically do a lot of research on what the subject looks like, and what the story is. From screengrabs to action figures, I had a pretty good idea of what Admiral Ackbar looked like, and what a recognizable pose should be. This is my final rough drawing I sent to Louie for approval:

Once we had agreed to the final layout, I began doing color studies. One thing I like to do with color studies is to remind myself what my pencils look like on the paper I've selected. Seems like a common sense thing to do, but you'd be surprised at how color can change based on the background. I create a really simple chart of color swatches, and tag them with the number found on the pencil (I'm using Prismacolor Premier pencils).

Once I've found a series of colors I want to use, I start to do small drawings (similar to the one shown in the title), just so I can see what everything looks like all smashed together. Once I'm confident in my color selections and composition, I work on the final drawing. This is the result:

You can see a much larger version over on Flickr. Thanks for reading!

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