Tuesday, January 17, 2012



I really love creating mascots. Even when it's not required.

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to create a new identity for Camp Nabby, a summer camp in Mohegan Lake, NY. While the good folks at Camp Nabby didn't specifically request a mascot, it just felt like an idea worth pursuing.


The spots on the back are a homage to Bambi.

The final design was a lot of fun and it's nice when clients trust you to pursue an idea. Having someone respect your experience and intuition is the ultimate compliment as an artist. Above you see the final design for the deer and below you can see some of the early concept sketches.


Fishin' pole? What is this, Andy Griffith?

Some early ideas had the deer wearing camping gear, or perhaps even a swimsuit, but ultimately the decision was made to just leave him... well... as nature intended.

"What about his shoes?"

You ask too many questions.


A lot of these concepts were developed with some fonts from Lost Type. I really like their work.

While it's cool to pursue new ideas that clients don't ask for, it's even MORE important to make sure that you have all of your bases covered. I like to present concepts in stages of safety, meaning "this idea is what they expect, this idea takes it a bit further"... ending up with an idea or two that are a surprise. The images above show a few of the more expected identities developed along with the deer mascot. I was really into triangles.


I like providing secondary marks. Gives the brand more flexibility.

The final logo ended up being a combination of the pennant and the camp's name. The mascot and the pennant stamp ended up being secondary marks.


Should have designed a Nabby Slanket.

Of course, no summer camp would be complete without some cool t-shirts. While not requested, I felt it necessary to show ideas on how my identity concepts could be incorporated into apparel. It can be helpful to show work in context!

Developing the art for Camp Nabby was great, and I appreciate the freedom to pursue ideas.

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