Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sarah n' Brad's Invite


My sister Sarah and I are pretty close. She and I have a similar sense of humor so I knew when she asked me to design her wedding invite that I'd get to do something a bit more playful. Sarah and her feeyoncé, Brad, both graduated from the University of North Carolina. Brad also proposed at the Old Well, which if you aren't familiar is a well located on campus that is old (pretty clever name IMO). I wanted to incorporate elements of Chapel Hill and the "Old Well" into the invite design.

invite_01 Yes, that's Harry Potter in the top right-hand corner. Why? Who knows.

My concept was simple. I wanted to do an illustration of Sarah and Brad together without any copy. Have the invite stand as a visual introduction of them together. I did lots of studies of how they would be shown together as well as what they would wear.

invite_02 I like drawing clothes with architecture.

Ultimately I decided to have them simply stand together holding hands. I felt like this was a subtle way to show two independent kids coming together as one. It also made it super simple to draw their clothes straight on (and would lend itself well for worry-free letter pressing).

invite_03 My sister is a Disney princess, so I wanted to make sure that her dress had the Cinderella swooshy thing.

I also spent some time designing the bouquet of flowers. I had a lot of trouble with this! Drawing flowers is hard, kids. Not as hard as drawing horses, but it's up there. Man. Imagine having to draw a horse MADE out of flowers, OR A HORSE-SHAPED FLOWER? Stuff of nightmares you guys.


My son said "That doesn't look like Brad". Told him to cram it.


Some process going from sketches to final vector

My process for this piece was to take the final-ish pencil drawings and trace over them in vector. Once the initial trace is done, I spend time cleaning up the lines and making sure all lines have the right weight.


I used the official UNC Pantone formulas for the colors.

Like I said, the end result would be letter pressed, so I made sure to draw the art in a way that would make for very easy and clean printing. The good folks at Crayton-Heritage did the printing and they were fantastic. Very patient with idiots. The end result was printed on French Smart White with 2 spots and a pearl foil for the magic shiny stuff. I was very pleased, but more importantly, so was my sister! Dodged a bullet you guys!


Congratulations to Sarah and Brad. I'm very proud of you both and I look forward to dumping my kids off on you as often as possible.

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