Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coffee Joey

I love making stickers. I love sticking stickers. I have many love for stickers. So when a silly drawing comes along that lends itself well for stickerage then I spend my riches to make it happen.


I drink a lot of coffee. I wish I had more hands.

One of the reasons I wanted to move to full-time illustration and leave the safety and comfort of a steady paycheck behind (sorry wife and children) was to draw more. I have a lot of respect for people that work full time and keep up with their drawings. I think doing that lends itself to bigger ideas and more projects.


I wanted to make sure my cleaned up vector version fit more of a shape.

This is a silly example, but I did this doodle a few weeks back and thought it would work well as a sticker. While not a "big idea" this doodle turned out to be a fun promo piece that I can give out to my peeps. It also provides me with a low-risk piece that's cheap and easy to produce, giving me a bit more experience that may lead to something else later on.


So many colurz

I posted several color options on Dribbble and asked for feedback. This is important to me because it keeps things active. It's hard to be "active" when most of your work is under non-disclosure and it could be months (if not a year) before you can even mention it. I want people to see that I'm not dead, and doing small pieces like this help show that the lights are still on.


Blue version is getting produced first!

The final piece is currently in production with the fantastic people at Sticker Robot. They're really great and you should check them out. Once the final product arrives back at my underground bunker, I'll be sure to update everyone and I'll be glad to sell you several at a reasonable price (plus applicable taxes, shipping, rush fees, DRM fees and any other fees I can legally tack on).

Meanwhile, enjoy some desktop wallpapers for your 'pooterz. Download them here and yonder.

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