Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


I like changing my avatar. Here's my Halloween 2012 collection. Not sure what to do for November. Pilgrims? Robot pilgrims? Pilgrim robots? Hmmmm.

I've got a series of these new avatars collecting over on Flickr. There's no plan to keep this up... just when I get bored. You can see the 2009 series over on Flickr too.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PBS Kids Democracy Project


PBS Kids asked me to draw some icons for their 2012 Democracy Project, and I was happy to do so. While the creative brief called for "eleventy-billion icons" I ended up producing 44 in all. Maybe 45. I can't remember now. Hmmm.

Anyway, doing a large project like this is always a tremendous amount of fun as you hammer out exactly what the style is and try and carry that style out through an entire series.


I love drawing lots of little things.

I find that I get to draw certain things over and over again. It seems like every project I do has a whale, trees, hands etc... and every time, I try and approach it a bit differently. It helps me become quicker and it allows me to change a style, within a style, so to speak, so that different clients get similar, yet different results.

Working with a simple system of colors is a great way to help keep things together, making sure that each illustration feels as if they all belong as a series, rather than a collection of one-offs. It also helps to build things up together, rather than finish one icon at a time.


I draw in pencil, then trace, then clean up.

My method for creating things changes from project to project. Some projects require a tremendous amount of drawing on paper, while some projects can be completed all within Illustrator. This project started off as simple sketches for each icon, and cleaned up within the computer. The shot above shows an example of some of my pencil roughs, next to the finished piece. You can see some larger views of some selected icons below.

PBSKids_04 PBSKids_06 PBSKids_07 PBSKids_08 PBSKids_09

Be sure to check out the PBS Kids Democracy Project and make yourself a sticker!

You can also visit my site and see larger views of each icon.

Thanks again Mr. Bishop!