Monday, January 14, 2013

Help Ink Poster


Back in October of 2012, Drew Carson over at Help Ink asked if I'd like to participate in creating a poster for the Help Ink store. Several talented and notable artists have already participated, and so I felt it was a good opportunity to be counted among them (like inviting the weird, nerdy kid to the cool kid lunch table). Drew said I was able to create anything I wanted to, so I decided to draw monsters.


I love big creepy vehicles like these. The Ford "Murder Wagon".

This past summer, I helped move my sister and brother-in-law to Rochester, NY. When we got to their new neighborhood, I spotted this beauty. It's a 1974 Ford Econoline E-300 Camper Special. I'm sure it's filled with cats. I thought it would be great for use in an illustration, so I took a picture of it. Filed it away in my basement of dreams.


Red lines are my "thinking" lines. Black lines are my "finished" lines.

The thumbnail in the upper-left shows the original sketch that I put together to get the idea down. I wanted a camper full of monsters, as if they were going on vacation or something. After the initial comp, I did more monster studies to help finalize the design for each creature. The final drawing on the right shows the finished concept.

Once I was pleased with the pencil drawing, I wanted to "ink" it in Illustrator. This was a pretty large illustration (11 x 17-ish) so instead of scanning in the art piece by piece, I was lazy and just used my iPhone. It's actually high-enough resolution to where it works, especially if you're just tracing something. I've also used my iSight camera in the past, when I was SUPER lazy... and made it work.


Color can be really tricky to get right. I always feel like an idiot when selecting colors.

While I redrew the art in vector, I also took time to explore a range of color studies. I originally wanted something super-colorful (that's a technical term) but wanted to stay true to the 1970s and landed on orange, brown and blue. Not a sophisticated palette by any means, but then again, it's a camper full of monsters. Eat it Pacosso DaVinchy.




That gray line around the bottom two images is my Illustrator window. Oops.
These show some details of the finished illustration, completed using Illustrator. I worked to make my lines a bit inconsistent, so the final drawing wouldn't be so clean, so to speak.



I think traveling is important for anyone, even if it's just a day trip somewhere. Things and stuff are cool for sure, but for me, traveling and experiencing things with my family is the ultimate investment. So, for my Help Ink poster, I chose the theme of "See the World" and I recommend you do the same!

You can buy your own copy of my "See the World" poster at Help Ink NOW. A portion of each sale goes to a charity of your choosing, so it's a really neat idea. Junk up your walls with my art and do something good for someone at the same time! This is the future, folks!

Get your "See the World" poster now!