10 Ways Digital Media Has Changed Women’s Lives

Do you believe that you can get whatever you want, for instance, discounted Prada bags at your doorstep? Well, yes. You can get almost anything these days. The world is at our doorstep with just a click away. Such is the power of technology and digitalization.

Digital media has transformed the lives of many in different ways, especially that of women. Here is to 10 different ways that have changed the lives of women across the world for the better.

  1. It enriches women and allows them to stay updated with the current happenings not just in the society that they live in but also from different parts of the world.
  2. It inspires women and motivates them to achieve a greater purpose in life. For some, digital media has helped find a new purpose to living.
  3. It has helped empower women in different ways. Digital media offers a great platform for women to learn new things from other women who are successful in their fields. It allows women to share their ideas and express their opinions, thereby empowering their simple thoughts without having them shunned.
  4. It has contributed much to the drastic reduction of girl child abortion in many third world countries and has contributed to free and accessible education for girls.
  5. It has helped certain underprivileged and exploited women to voice out their concerns and to seek help to improve their condition.
  6. It has helped women to connect to the people from different communities across the world. This has enabled them to share and gain information from like-minded people.
  7. It has helped women discover numerous career opportunities that were once limited. Now women can even work from the comforts of their home without having to compromise their time devoted to carrying out personal responsibilities.
  8. It has opened new possibilities for women to start their own business, which would not have been possible for many without the introduction of digital media.
  9. It has allowed women to stay in par with technology, which makes them better and sophisticated wives and mothers. This is very important for every woman if she wishes to remain an important figure in the lives of her children who think and grow on a completely different level.
  10. It has educated women on women rights and safety and has contributed much in creating public awareness against social issues, women protection rights, and human exploitation.


Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Health Using Technology

As the technology is advancing every day it is bringing changes in almost every domain. The health care industry is not far behind either; technology has helped the healthcare industry to reach new heights. The technology has helped health experts to find a solution for complicated problems, while it has also helped the common man to reach his fitness goals by providing simple solutions. Here is a list of things technology has helped to improve your health.

1) Wearable devices: We can see many people using wearable gadgets like Fitbit to help themselves stay fit and active.

2) Mobile Apps: These wearable devices often come with mobile applications which you can use to see your progress in the footsteps exercise etc. These apps also provide exercise guidelines; track your sleep, food log and weight.

3) Health monitors: We can see many health monitors that help doctors and the patients to keep a check on their health conditions.

4) Reduced time: Healthcare has progressed and lot. We can see patients getting better sooner than earlier.

5) Health data: You can find a variety of health information on various websites as well as social media.

6) Easy access to medical facilities: Technology has helped to get an easy access to health care facilities like you can talk to your doctor over a phone or can email him in case you are not able to make an appointment.

7) Input in medical decisions: Advanced computers can help medical experts to make decisions based on the data and information provided.

8) 3D printing: This technology has recently helped the medical industry with cases like printing synthetic skin and implants.

9) Research: Technology has helped experts in various researches for making advanced medicines and vaccinations.

10) Study genetics: Healthcare industry benefits a lot from advanced studies like genetics and DNA analysis. The advanced technology has certainly helped the health industry in this field.…


10 Technologies Every Web Developer Should Be Able to Explain

There exist certain new and basic approaches to clarify some entirely muddled web improvement ideas to our customers. Here’s few basic wording in the present current web world.

  1. Browsers

They are the mediators of the digital platform. They ask for data and getting it, they indicate us on the page in a configuration we can view and figure out.

  1. Programming Languages

These are approaches to convey to PCs and guide them. There exists a wide range of programming dialects.

  1. HTML

It is a markup dialect. It gives the framework of a site with the goal that internet browsers comprehend what to appear.

  1. Structures

They are created to make assembling and functioning with programming dialects less demanding. They commonly take all the troublesome, tedious undertakings in setting up another web app and does it for you or make it simple for you.

  1. Libraries

They are gathering of code bits to empower a lot of use without writing everything independent from anyone else. It normally additionally experience the inconvenience to ensure the code is proficient and functions admirably crosswise over programs and gadgets.

  1. Databases

This is the place every one of your information is put away. It resembles a pack of file organizers having folders loaded up with documents. They come mostly in two ways; NoSQL and SQL.

  1. Server

It is the place the app code is regularly put away. Solicitations are sent to the server from customers, and it will assemble the proper data and react to those solicitations.

  1. Front-end

This includes Javascript, HTML, and CSS. This is the means by which and where the site appears to clients and web development glasgow.

  1. Back-end

This involves your database and server. It’s where capacities, strategies, and information control takes place that you do not need the customers to know.

  1. Protocols

They are institutionalized directions on how to pass data to and forth amongst PCs and gadgets.…


The 5 Best Applications ForBlockchain In Your Business

Blockchain technology has started finding uses not only in the cryptocurrencies but also in many businesses. But before you know how it can be used in a company it is first important to know what Blockchain exactly is.

The blockchain is a distributed ledger and it maintains the list of every transaction across the network that is distributed by many computers. This finds a lot of use because it makes hacking very difficult.

There are some applications where Blockchain technology is used.

Payments and money transfers

The main use of Blockchain, in a business is to send and receive payments. This is one of the major applications of Blockchain in a company. The technology lets you transfer the funds directly and in a secure manner anywhere in the world and everything is highly secure and charges you a very minimal fee. This is because the Blockchain technology keeps all the intermediaries away and this saves you on banking and other transaction fees.

Record keeping and paperwork

The Blockchain technology lets one maintain the receipts and other documents digitally and this lets the business have a clear view of what is going on. The advantage here is that the technology ensures that the data is not being tampered. The companies are able to maintain up to date records that are transparent and this makes Blockchain highly efficient.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is another application in a business where Blockchain technology is used. This allows the users to use the excess hard drive space and store the cloud more than 300 times. It helps the company because it saves them the storage costs by a huge extent.

Digital identity

Blockchain helps to track and manage the identities digitally in a secure and efficient manner and this results in reducing fraud and makes a sign on seamless.

Quality control and supply chain management

Blockchain helps to manage the supply chain to and from the stores. It helps to record all the steps between the store and the producer and this makes tracking products possible in a few seconds.

It also helps in quality control. All that one needs to do is to enter the product’s serial number to know the point of failure.