Is There Any Technology Gap Between Rich and Poor?

Yes, there is technology gap between the Rich and Poor. As per the report of the Pew Research Center, households with the yearly income below $30000 do not have access to the high-speed internet at home, and one-third do not even own smartphone to catch up financially and professionally. It shows that two-thirds people in the high-income group have a smartphone, a desktop or a laptop, tablet and high-speed internet compared to 17% of the low-income group. The issue is technology, and the comfort level of a person with the technology creates the gap.

More access to market

People become rich when they provide valuable products and service to more people in the market. Truly coin enables entrepreneurs to serve more people than past and naturally earning more than what they received in the past. It is known as “Scalability.” A singer who has access to fewer people without any advanced technology earns less, and he is poor. Conversely, the singer with the access to millions of audience is rich as he draws millions with the help of technology.

Volatile condition

Technology creates new opportunity and at the same time destroys the old values. With the change of technology, the one who is rich today may not be rich tomorrow. The condition is very volatile and thus creates the gap between more & less rich.

Knowledge and Skill Gap

The technology gap is the knowledge and skill gap due to which poor continue to remain poor, and the rich become more affluent. Today knowledge and skill are available to anyone with the internet access, but you should have the affordability to make yourself accessible to technology.

It is also the fact that technology equality can omit the gap between rich and poor. Technology has been far more advanced to help poor people become rich with free access to education, knowledge, skill, and market. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you want to be.