How to Turn Your Old Android Device into a Media Server

Due to a revolution in technology and the introduction of smartphones, there are many developers in the field of information and communication technology.  Due to increasing competition in the market, there are many brands of smartphones available to the customers.  These smartphones offer wide application in various fields and it also comes with lower-end to a higher-end model of smartphones with unique and additional features.

The trend in the introduction of a newer series of smartphones creates an eagerness among the customers to purchase the recent one in technology.  Many brands offer different unique features that depend upon the different series of smartphones.  This made the older android phone to use as a media server since it is literally waste to keep the older android phones on the cupboard which is of no use.  A few people are in a position to keep updated with the latest tech version of smartphones and they no longer consider the older phones which are useful in a few ways either you can gift it to your dear ones or you can use it by converting it as a media server.  This conversion of an older android phone to media server helps to connect with your TV or with your PC.

The conversion of this android phone can be done with many apps which have been created but you need to choose the appropriate one for your mobile phone.  You need to add the app with the existing entertainment setup in order to connect it.  You are filled with many options to choose the best app for your older version.  Many developers started to concentrate on the existing gap in the field of information technology to generate a lot of ideas to create and fill in the gaps according to the user needs.

Apart from using the older phone as a media server, you can use this one for Android TV and other uses like a kid-learning tool, reminder notes, storage of information, and storage of media files and lot more uses.


Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Health Using Technology

As the technology is advancing every day it is bringing changes in almost every domain. The health care industry is not far behind either; technology has helped the healthcare industry to reach new heights. The technology has helped health experts to find a solution for complicated problems, while it has also helped the common man to reach his fitness goals by providing simple solutions. Here is a list of things technology has helped to improve your health.

1) Wearable devices: We can see many people using wearable gadgets like Fitbit to help themselves stay fit and active.

2) Mobile Apps: These wearable devices often come with mobile applications which you can use to see your progress in the footsteps exercise etc. These apps also provide exercise guidelines; track your sleep, food log and weight.

3) Health monitors: We can see many health monitors that help doctors and the patients to keep a check on their health conditions.

4) Reduced time: Healthcare has progressed and lot. We can see patients getting better sooner than earlier.

5) Health data: You can find a variety of health information on various websites as well as social media.

6) Easy access to medical facilities: Technology has helped to get an easy access to health care facilities like you can talk to your doctor over a phone or can email him in case you are not able to make an appointment.

7) Input in medical decisions: Advanced computers can help medical experts to make decisions based on the data and information provided.

8) 3D printing: This technology has recently helped the medical industry with cases like printing synthetic skin and implants.

9) Research: Technology has helped experts in various researches for making advanced medicines and vaccinations.

10) Study genetics: Healthcare industry benefits a lot from advanced studies like genetics and DNA analysis. The advanced technology has certainly helped the health industry in this field.…


7 Ways Technology Has Transformed the Travel Industry

Traveling, to a place you have never been to before, is now simpler and more convenient. Right from the stage of planning your trip to arranging the travel and accommodation everything could be done from a smartphone. Online travel businesses are many. Take 4 YACHT for example- checking out a yacht for charter or one for sale can happen in minutes. Here are the 7 most prominent ways in which technology has changed the travel industry-

  1. Tailor-made travel packages

Tourism companies now offer better travel packages which are perfectly customized according to the traveling individual or group. Customisation and payment for the packages can all happen online.

  1. Quick and easy booking of transport and accommodation

There are various apps that collect information about the transport and accommodation facilities. Booking them can also happen in a matter of a few clicks through smartphone apps.

  1. Stay connected with your loved ones

While traveling, you can stay connected with your friends and families and share photos instantly through the many photo and media sharing apps.

  1. Safety ensured

Safety of the travelers has also been improved with the help of various apps that help track the exact location of the traveler. So the family can get real-time updates about the location.

  1. Real-time translation

Translation services can be availed easily. Smartphone apps are now available to provide real-time translation. There are also handheld translation devices that come with direct voice output to make it easy to communicate in a foreign land.

  1. Identify and explore popular and offbeat destinations

Finding the most popular destinations and the offbeat spots and finding the best routes to these locations has also become simpler and more convenient with accurate map and navigation apps.

  1. Virtual tour guides

Virtual tour guides can help gather more information about the travel destination in no time.…