How Polygon-Based Rendering Is Used In Professional 3d Rendering


Polygons are not just what we learn in geometry. It is something architects base their designs on. Polygons are increasingly used in rendering 3D diagrams using computer graphics. This is called polygonal modeling.

Since approximating the surfaces of a drawing using polygons helps in scanline rendering, this is the method mostly used in computer graphics to produce architectural drawings. Since architectural drawings use vertex and just connect the dots to create the design, polygons are easier to use as they can be formed out of a number of triangles. There is no limitation to the degrees or the measurements like in plain triangles.

So how is it exactly used in 3D architectural diagrams?

These 3D drawings creating software use a concept called mesh. A mesh is where many polygons are used. The basic of this geometric figure is that no two vertices can intersect each other in the mesh. Some of the commonly used polygonal mesh operations are:

  • Creations – This operation creates a mesh using other geometric figures. A polygon is not used, thereby giving a fresh look to the design and more room for creativity. When all designs are not based on the same geometric pattern, we get unique designs that are both attractive and interesting.
  • Binary Creations – Here 2 different meshes are used. A whole new model is created using two meshes from a single binary operation and has the option to increase or decrease the number of meshes too.
  • Manipulations – As the word suggests, this model just manipulates with the existing design. Here the geometry of the mesh itself is played around with to create something new. However, the topology of the mesh is left undisturbed.

Today’s software allows us to do a number of things that were never even thought of. The fantastic quality 3d architectural animation is possible now with the touch of a button. Architectural drawings need to be precise and perfect to ensure the building comes out well and as visualized and this is exactly what this software facilitates.