How to Turn Your Old Android Device into a Media Server


Due to a revolution in technology and the introduction of smartphones, there are many developers in the field of information and communication technology.  Due to increasing competition in the market, there are many brands of smartphones available to the customers.  These smartphones offer wide application in various fields and it also comes with lower-end to a higher-end model of smartphones with unique and additional features.

The trend in the introduction of a newer series of smartphones creates an eagerness among the customers to purchase the recent one in technology.  Many brands offer different unique features that depend upon the different series of smartphones.  This made the older android phone to use as a media server since it is literally waste to keep the older android phones on the cupboard which is of no use.  A few people are in a position to keep updated with the latest tech version of smartphones and they no longer consider the older phones which are useful in a few ways either you can gift it to your dear ones or you can use it by converting it as a media server.  This conversion of an older android phone to media server helps to connect with your TV or with your PC.

The conversion of this android phone can be done with many apps which have been created but you need to choose the appropriate one for your mobile phone.  You need to add the app with the existing entertainment setup in order to connect it.  You are filled with many options to choose the best app for your older version.  Many developers started to concentrate on the existing gap in the field of information technology to generate a lot of ideas to create and fill in the gaps according to the user needs.

Apart from using the older phone as a media server, you can use this one for Android TV and other uses like a kid-learning tool, reminder notes, storage of information, and storage of media files and lot more uses.